by Jennifer Okonkwo

Self-love means having a high regard of who you are, been proud and happy of your body, your colour in fact everything about you. Taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others is called self-love. Self-love is not settling for low more than you deserve.

The happiness with who you are makes it easier to love yourself and enables the strength to be loved by someone else. Does not acquire easily, especially with the difficulty situation an individual finds themselves on. The importance of self-love requires yourself loving every single part of you with the touch of admiration you give yourself.

Knowing your worth, makes you, recognize your strong sense of your value as a human being and` feel that you are worthy of good things. Understanding that, your value is not dependent on external influences, like material pressure. High self-worth means accepting yourself and loving yourself unconditionally no matter what.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Do not worry about other’s opinions.

Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Remember your value does not lie in how your body looks.

Do not be afraid to let go of toxic people, people who do not add positive value in your life.

Process your fears, stand strong to conquer weakness.

Trust yourself to make good decisions for yourself.

Self-love means understanding and forgiving yourself, just like you would do with your loved ones. Loving yourself will make you happier, your life easier, and you can be able and proud to chase your dreams, with extra energy and confidence this time around. Apply the rule of change, it plays a higher role in self-love. I believe everyone should be able to love themselves before venturing into loving someone else. The way you carry yourself that is the way others will see. “if you let others know you are not proud of who you are they might not have value or respect for you”

Loving yourself is impactful and can be impactful for others. Remember your smiles accompany with your carriage can put a smile on others.

Self-love is what everyone should be proud of with wholeheartedly.

“nobody can take away your self-respect if you make yourself the first priority”.

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