by Jennifer Okonkwo

Woman is simply defined as a female. being nurture, delicate, magical, beautiful, expectation, women are naturally strong, bringing forth life from inside us, carrying them for months, nursing them to grow and belong in the society.  I define “woman” fearless, brave, embodiment of compassion, compassionate heart brimming with love and care, and zealous. Woman is the most beautiful being created, we are blessing to earth. It means being delicate, Strong, Smart, protective, Kind. Caring.

W-O-M-E-N To be a woman Is to be an enchained beauty, dainty etc. Invested with self-hatred if we do not directly coincide with an unattainable image that we were born expecting to be. Since the day we were born our self-hatred is used as a commodity, our self-hatred so deeply rooted that even when we are alone in our rooms, we project the message from advertisements no ourselves.

Short dreamer about women sacrifices.

Me: Woke up in the morning and mom was coughing

Me: Mom, are you fine?

Mom: Yes, baby. (coughing)

Me: I touched her forehead, and it was burning

Me: Mom, you have fever!

Mom: Arre!! nothing!

Me: I brought the Thermometer and checked her temperature, it was 102°

Me: Mom, you have high fever! Why are you doing house chores?

Mom: baby, your dad is not around. I must prepare food and keep the house clean.

Me: But Mom, your fever will increase more, is too high already you need to go to hospital!

Mom: Haha baby, don’t worry mummy is fine, okey?!

Me: What? (I’m shocked and surprise, with such high fever)

Mom: I do get sick sometimes, but I try to hide it from you, so you don’t get worried.

Me: Dad didn’t do anything?

Mom: smiles! everything will be fine (mum, trying to hide her emotions and not letting me know the type of father I have).

Me :(crying) Mom, please sit for a while.

Me: I made tea and gave it to mom, she felt relaxed.

Me: Mom, I will order foods. You don’t need to worry about cooking or stressing yourself about cleaning the house.

Mom: oh, my baby, that is so thoughtful and sweet of you. Please I don’t want you to be addicted with junk foods, or feed you with such, is not healthy . I will prepare by myself; I am almost done.

Me: today order will not cause a harm on us.

Me: But Mom, you have high fever!

Mom: Fever is nothing in front of love.

Mom: In 10 minutes, food will be ready, by then your dad will be back, you stay with him then I can go to health centre ok!

Me: oh!! I love you mum; you are the best gift. God bless you; your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Women take care of every well beings in the family or in they live. They tolerate and adapt everything example sickness, disease, insult, torture but they don’t protest. They eat at last because they want to see happiness in other’s face while eating the food. Women adverse circumstances, they become strong and protect her family from every possible danger by sacrificing her own happiness.

A woman can speak a thousand words through her silence and her silence and presence has the power to replace sword with a pen from a veteran warrior’s hand.

The world has called women different names, some has compared her to dew drops, tears, Goddess, nature and she is one of the preferred subjects for poets.

Women Empower one another. They don’t compete.

A Woman knows her Worth; she never settles for less.

Not only for herself but A Woman stands for everyone.

A Woman is concerned about her character on the inside. This is what makes her Beautiful.

A Woman wants Respect. She doesn’t run for Attention.

When others React, A Woman Responds.

Women rule the world.